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Tonebone Hot British V9
R800 7022 00
Tonebone Hot British V9 Overdrive
Next Generation Plexi-Style Distortion Pedal
The Hot-British V9 is the next generation, solid-state version of the original high-gain Tonebone Hot British tube distortion.
  • High-gain, low noise Plexi-style distortion
  • Powerful post-distortion EQ controls
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
  • Compact and rugged
Beginning with a class-A buffering circuit, The Hot-British V9 gives you the feel of a true-bypass pedal with the added benefits of greater noise rejection and lower impedance. Its 3 gain stages and powerful post-distortion EQ controls deliver a flexible high gain experience that is reminiscent of big hair and pointy guitars. In other words, the Hot-British V9 is a Plexi-in-a-box packed full of harmonics, sustain and balls to the wall distortion. Grab your whammy bar!
Pris exkl.850.00
Grundpris exkl.2 060.00
Tonebone Plexitube
R800 7025 00
Tonebone Plexitube 12AX7 Tube Distortion
Two-channel High-gain Plexi Distortion Pedal
The Plexitube™ is a true-bypass, dual-channel tube distortion pedal that utilizes the warmth and harmonics from a 12AX7 tube to deliver over-the-top distortion tones.
  • The best 'Marshall in a pedal' of all time
  • High-gain, low noise Plexi-style tube distortion
  • Powerful post-distortion EQ controls
  • Channel 2 features insert loop for effects pedals
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone
Two channels of colossal high-gain
The Plexitube is an extremely powerful dual-channel tube distortion pedal that offers a rich, harmonic high-gain experience like no other. Designed for practicality, the Plexitube’s dual channels make it a one-stop-shop for clean, rhythm and lead switching. Channel 1 is optimized for massive rhythm tones, whereas channel 2 has been optimized to produce razor-sharp cut and smooth sustaining mids to ensure that your solos are heard. Channel 2 is further augmented with an effects loop to eliminate tap dancing. The metal gods are calling!

Pris exkl.1 500.00
Grundpris exkl.3 750.00

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