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Very common throughout the Wild West…

is this robust and dependable video and SAT cable that was originally designed in the United States. However, with its solid PE insulation its specifications were not 

satisfactory and the cable was not robust enough. Contrary to the original version we have significantly improved the new SC-Vector Plus DZ. Now it is SDI/HD-SDI capable and reelable and thus may be used as a flexible video line! It has a foamed insulation with a protective lacquer, a 7 x 0,40 mm litz construction, two overlaying cross meshes each with 98 % coverage and a weather-proof and notch-resistant PMB jacket. The copper meshes also make the cable extremely treadresistant and offer protection against rodents.


- Excellent transmission quality due to foam insulation

- Steadily consistent values

- UV- and notch-resistant PUR jacket, rodent protection



- Dual shielded cable for digital SAT systems and professional video technology

- Professional HD-SDI applications

- Highly flexible and easy to reel


Technical Data:

- Name: SC-Vector Plus DZ 

- Properties: Analog 

- Properties: SDI 

- Properties: Digital 75 Ω 

- Properties: Halogen-free / LSZH 

- Properties: PUR 

- Properties: OFC oxygen free copper 

- Properties: FRNC flame retardant 

- Properties: HDTV 

- Application area: Studio / Broadcast 

- Application area: Mobile outdoor / indoor 

- Application area: ELA 100 V 

- Application area: Installation 

- Application: video cable 

- Colour: black 

- Colour detailed: black 

- Jacket material: PUR 

- Jacket Ø: 7,1 mm

- Number of Channels (video): 1 

- Inner conductor (video): 1 

- Inner conductor (video): 0,88 mm²

- Inner conductor Ø (video): 1,2 mm

- AWG (video): 18 

- Shielding: 2 x Copper braiding tin-plated 

- Copper strands (video): 7 

- Copper strand Ø (video): 0,4 mm

- Conductor insulation material: Foam / Skin-PE 

- Conductor insulation Ø: 4,8 mm

- Weight per 1 m: 68 g

- UV-resistant: yes 

- Style variant: round 

- Shielding factor: 98 %

- Packing: 100 m, bulk stock 

- Velocity factor: 0,86 

- Temperature min.: -30 °C

- Temperature max.: 80 °C

- Width: 7,1 mm

- Height: 7,1 mm

- Capacity wire/electic screen at 1m (video): 53 pF

- Impedance: 75 Ω

- Conductor resistance per 1 km: 20 Ω

- Shield. resistance per 1 km: 5,6 Ω

Pris exkl.66.00

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