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Rational Acoustics RTA-420 Mätmikrofon
The RTA-420 features heavy-gauge steel construction and measurement performance to rival high-end microphones costing many times more. As a result, it makes a great starter mic, spare, or "B" rig mic and goes places you would be nervous about taking your high-end, lab-quality mic. In addition, the RTA-420 makes multi-microphone measurements affordable for the rest of us.
The Rational RTA-420 comes with a mic clip and a spiffy bright yellow windscreen, which is great for spotting your mic in dark venues. And it includes a custom-designed soft-sided carrying case that accommodates and organizes two microphones plus their accessories.
NOTE: The Rational RTA-420 is PIN 3 HOT and requires the 10mm calibrator adapter for use with the iSEMcon SC-1 Microphone calibrator