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Studioomkopplare används för att välja mellan flera uppsättningar av aktiva högtalare, uppspelning av olika inspelat material eller aktivera en talk-back mix för kommunikation mm.
Nuance Select Monitor Controller
R800 2026 00
Nuance Select - Monitor Controller
The Nuance Select is a completely transparent studio monitoring system, giving you control over two sets of monitors and a subwoofer with zero sonic coloration.
  • Silently switch between two sets of monitors & a subwoofer
  • Dual stereo input sources with an assignable Aux output
  • Two independent headphone amplifiers with source selection
  • Extremely low distortion for complete transparency

Control without Coloration

The Nuance Select is a studio monitor controller designed so you can hear every single detail through your speakers, with a distortion profile so low that it cannot be measured by most audio testing equipment. Complete audio transparency is achieved through an innovative circuit that allows you to hear the true mix through your speakers without any sacrifice in audio quality, all while still providing you with total control over your monitor setup.

Looking the Part

Housed in a robust steel enclosure with a milled aluminum faceplate, the Nuance Select will fit the aesthetic of any studio space and easily incorporate into your workflow, with an ‘everything you need and nothing that you don’t’ approach to the feature set. Backlit monitor selection and control switches are complemented by oversized chrome knobs on the headphone and master level controls.

Inputs, Outputs, and Useful Add-ons

The Nuance Select features two sets of stereo source inputs, along with two sets of balanced TRS outputs for powered speakers. A full-range subwoofer output is also included that can be activated with either set of speakers as desired. Two independent headphone amplifiers are available for monitoring or control room tracking – each headphone output can be assigned to its own stereo source so you can feed a cue mix to an artist while monitoring the main mix yourself. The headphone outputs are provided on easily accessible front panel jacks, and a stereo Aux output is available on the rear panel that can be used to feed an additional headphone amplifier for live room tracking.
Radial SAT2 - Passive 2ch Stereo attenuator
R800 1035 00
Radial SAT-2 Stereo Audio Attenuator & Monitor Controller
The SAT-2™ is a passive stereo audio device that provides you with a transparent level control wherever you may need it, either at the output of a pair of high-gain mic preamps, or between your recording interface and a pair of powered speakers as a compact desktop monitor controller.
  • Level control for a pair of powered speakers
  • Attenuates hot signal levels to prevent clipping
  • Passive audio circuit, no power required
  • Transparent operation without signal coloration
Ultra-quiet monitor controller
When using the SAT-2 as a monitor controller, simply connect it in between your playback device and a pair of powered speakers for an easy-access master volume control. Mute and mono switches allow you to silence the outputs or check mixes for mono phase compatibility, while a handy dim switch with adjustable level control allows you to temporarily lower the output volume without losing the main volume setting.
Attenuation in the studio
The SAT-2 can also be used to attenuate signals before sending them to your audio interface, so you can drive your mic preamps hard for coloration without clipping the inputs of the digital audio converter. A high quality 4-pole rotary knob ensures consistent L-R tracking over the entire range of the trim pot, fully maintaining the left-right balance of stereo sources.
Radial StudioQ - Studio Talkback Controller
R800 1435 00
Radial Studio-Q Desktop Cue & Talkback Controller
The Studio-Q™ is a compact studio talkback controller that provides a simple yet full-function cue system that allows easy communication with artists in a separate room or vocal booth.
  • Compact desktop cue system for studio recording
  • Allows engineer & producer to talk to artists
  • Built-in microphone and external mic input
  • Improves studio efficiency and communication
Better communication for better recordings
The Studio-Q allows you to professionally and easily communicate with artists that are in a separate live room or vocal booth, streamlining your studio workflow and improving the recording experience for the artist. Simply press the talkback button and a built-in omnidirectional microphone will activate, while at the same time lowering audio playback so you can be heard easily through the cue system. An external dynamic microphone can also be connected as an alternate talkback source, and a footswitch can be added for hands-free remote operation.
Radial Gold Digger 4-Channel Mic Selector
R800 1440 00
Radial Gold Digger 4-channel Studio Microphone Selector and Switcher
The Gold Digger™ is a 4-input, 1-output switcher that allows you to seamlessly audition multiple microphones through a single preamp, improving studio efficiency and workflow without altering the tone of each microphone or requiring down time to re-patch any cables.
  • Audition different microphones with the press of a button
  • Four selectable inputs with trim controls
  • Straight-wire distortion-free signal path
  • Saves time and improves workflow in the studio
Choose the right mic every time
The Gold Digger allows you to record with confidence knowing that you've selected the right tool for the job each and every time you record. It provides the ability to instantly A/B between up to four microphones, without introducing any coloration, noise, or distortion. Individual set & forget trim controls let you adjust each mic level so that they produce the same relative output, and 48V phantom is available to power condenser microphones. The Gold Digger makes it easy to audition multiple options while maintaining studio efficiency and ensuring a smooth workflow. When paired with the Radial Cherry Picker™ you can choose between four microphones and four preamps in any combination, giving you the freedom to explore endless sonic possibilities.
Radial Cherry Picker, Passive Preamp Selector
R800 1442 00
Radial Cherry Picker 4-channel studio preamp selector and switcher
The Cherry Picker™ is a 1-input, 4-output switcher that allows you to audition a single source through multiple devices in the studio, including mic preamps, compressors, and effects units.
  • Select the best mic & preamp combination
  • Passive ‘straight wire’ color-free signal path
  • Built-in 48V phantom power for condenser mics
  • Improve the workflow efficiency in your studio
Hear more options in less time
The Cherry Picker gives you the ability to connect to multiple devices in the studio and instantly A/B between them without any time-consuming cable swapping or re-patching. Now you can test your vocal mic through four different preamps without even stopping playback. It also works with line level signals, so you can connect the output of a single mic preamp into four compressors or effects units. The Cherry Picker helps you make quick decisions with the confidence that comes from an immediate A/B comparison. When paired with the Radial Gold Digger™ you can choose between four sources and destinations and select any combination instantly, giving you the freedom to explore endless sonic possibilities.
Radial JD7
R800 7000 00
Radial JD7 Studio Guitar Distribution and Splitting
The JD7™ is a guitar signal splitter that is able to drive as many as seven amplifiers at the same time without introducing noise, signal loss, or hum and buzz from ground loops.
  • Drive up to 7 amplifiers and 2 effects loops at the same time
  • Jensen transformer isolation eliminates hum and buzz
  • Built-in Radial Direct box and Reamp capabilities
  • Drag control load correction for natural tone
Natural tone, quiet operation
The JD7 allows you to feed up to seven amplifiers simultaneously, with premium Jensen transformers on the outputs that ensure distortion-free signal transfer while blocking hum and buzz from ground loops. To help retain the natural tone of your instrument, Drag control load correction is also featured on the input so you won't lose the tone and feel of connecting your guitar directly to an amplifier.
Record direct and Reamp through multiple amps
The JD7 has a built-in Radial DI box, so you can take a clean guitar track directly to your recording interface while simultaneously playing through multiple amplifiers. A Reamp input allows you to send your recorded guitar track from your recording device back through any or all of your amps, so you can focus on the performance and have the freedom to tweak your amps and microphones later on.