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Radial JX-62 Six input guitar selector

R800 6510 00
Pris exkl.12 110.00
Grundpris exkl.12 110.00

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Radial JX-62 6-input Concert Touring Guitar and Amplifier Switcher
The JX62™ is a guitar and amp switcher designed for both wired and wireless guitars in a live concert touring environment, with the ability to switch between up to six instruments and two amplifiers with ease.
  • Select between 6 guitars and 2 amps
  • PFL switches and headphone output for system checks
  • Two Radial DI outputs for acoustic guitars
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops
A guitar technician's best friend
The JX62 can help tame even the most complex guitar rigs, routing multiple inputs and outputs while also providing a stage tech with a headphone output and PFL switches to silently tune instruments and monitor any input without disrupting the performance. All six instrument inputs have adjustable trim controls to balance their relative levels, while channels 5 and 6 also feature direct outputs to feed the PA system, eliminating the need for external direct boxes. Dual amplifier outputs can be selected locally or with a remote JR-2 footswitch, with transformer isolation and ground lift switches to ensure noise free operation.
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