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Med routing-moduler kan du samla ihop flera ingångar, skapa en insertloop, dela en signal för frekvensspecifik processering, eller dela upp till flera utgångar.
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Radial Tossover - Variable Frequency Divider
R700 0164 00
Radial Tossover Frequency-Specific Signal Processing
The Tossover is a unique 500 series module that pairs with any Radial power rack and enables you to frequency-divide the audio signal path into two stems to process the high and low frequencies separately.
  • Divide signal for frequency specific processing
  • Produce exciting effects by parallel processing
  • Create low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters
  • Choice of 12, 18 and 24dB per octave slopes
Combine with a Radial 500 series rack for dual outputs
The Tossover combines a set of low-pass and high-pass filters, each with variable frequency, amplitude, and slope settings. Each filter can be accessed individually, or used in combination for a band-pass effect. When used with a Radial power rack such as the PowerStrip or the Workhorse, the Tossover is doubly useful, as the Omniport output common to these racks allows you to divide one signal into two - opening up the option for parallel processing where the low and high frequencies are processed separately. This enables you to split a bass track and process the low frequency stem using a compressor while processing the high frequencies with an effect like a tube distortion pedal, blending the two stems together later to create new and exciting effects.
Pris exkl.3 170.00
Radial Submix - 4x1 Line Mixer
R700 0170 00
Radial SubMix 4-Input Line Mixer Module
The Submix is an ultra-quiet 4×1 mixer module that allows you to simultaneously combine multiple audio feeds such as line level devices, studio effects, or instruments such as keyboards or drum machines.
  • 4×1 line mixer for 500 series racks
  • AccuState circuit for low noise at all levels
  • Individual input level controls
  • Use with instruments and line level devices
Sum any four inputs into a single channel
The Submix provides a simple and effective method for summing up to four audio signals into one channel of a 500 series system. Four conveniently located ¼" unbalanced inputs are built into the front panel of the Submix, with separate level controls for each input for easy manipulation. These are equipped with Radial's unique dual-gang AccuState circuit that simultaneously sets the input sensitivity and the gain to maximize signal-to-noise. This enables both instrument and line level signals to easily be interfaced without the need for a typical level reducing pad. This makes the Submix ideally suited for summing keyboards, samplers, drum machines, and any audio playback sources in the studio, managing multiple signals without introducing noise.
Pris exkl.3 170.00
Radial ChainDrive - 1x4 Line Distribution Amplifier
R700 0172 00
Radial ChainDrive 4-Output Distribution Module
The ChainDrive is an innovative 1×4 distribution module designed to send any audio signal to multiple processers, effects, or remote audio systems simultaneously.
  • 1×4 line level distribution amplifier
  • Balanced or unbalanced operation
  • Individual output level controls
  • Compatible with all 500 series racks
Simple 4-output audio splitting
The ChainDrive makes it easy to feed multiple effects processors at once for creative parallel processing, or distribute any line level audio signal to a number of destinations in the studio. Buffered outputs prevent noise and interference, and individual level controls allow you to achieve optimal gain-staging no matter what range of devices you are connecting to. With the ChainDrive in your 500 series rack, you have access to simple noise-free audio distribution at your fingertips.
Pris exkl.3 170.00
Radial Shuttle 500 series
R700 0134 00
Radial Shuttle Balanced & Unbalanced Insert Loop
The Shuttle is a combination effects insert and routing module, allowing you to connect and audition two separate effects loops and route them to the mix buss of a Workhorse 500 series rack.
  • Connect any module to the Workhorse mix buss
  • Two front panel effects loops for handy patchbay convenience
  • Individual insert switches for comparing wet & dry signals
  • Third loop via Omniport to interface with a patchbay
Connect any effect to your 500 series rack
The Shuttle features three insert loops in total; an unbalanced and a balanced send & receive on the front panel, and an additional effects insert which is available on the Omniport rear connector when used with a Radial power rack such as the Workhorse. This allows you to seamlessly interface any audio equipment with your 500 series gear, from guitar pedals or vintage unbalanced equipment, to drum machines, mobile recorders, or balanced studio effects units. Each loop can be toggled on and off with a front panel switch, for easy auditioning between the original track and the affected signal, or for choosing between different playback sources. It also works in conjunction with the mix buss on the Radial Workhorse, automatically feeding a single channel on the mixer. The Shuttle makes connecting effects to your 500 series rack quick, easy and effective.
Pris exkl.1 400.00

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