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Preamps ökar en mikrofon- eller instrumentsignal upp till linjenivå vilket gör att utgången matar ett inspelningsgränssnitt eller andra moduler som EQ:er eller kompressorer.

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Radial Jensen Twin-Servo 500
R700 0111 00
Radial Twin-Servo Microphone Preamplifier
The Twin-Servo™ is a high performance microphone preamp that leverages two discrete 990 op-amps for incredibly clean and transparent operation.
  • Exceptionally wide frequency response from 0.5Hz to 150kHz
  • Twin-Servo topology eliminates capacitors in the signal path
  • Virtually zero phase shift or bandwidth limitation
  • Oversized Jensen® transformers for maximum headroom
Legendary Performance
The Twin-Servo utilizes the now-famous JE-990 circuit originally developed by industry icon Deane Jensen in 1988, providing an update in the 500 series format. Its superior performance is derived from two 100% discrete 990 op-amps cascaded in tandem to deliver 60dB of gain with less than 1/10th the distortion and twice the bandwidth of a single stage design. This also reduces noise at mid and low levels, a critical advantage for those that record with a wide dynamic range. In order to minimize phase distortion, all capacitors have been removed from the audio signal path and replaced by two DC servo feedback circuits. Oversized Jensen™ transformers are placed at both the input and output of the — producing a frequency response that extends from 0.5Hz to 150kHz. The result is a remarkably detailed and accurate microphone preamp suitable for any critical recording application.


Pris exkl.10 870.00
Radial PowerPre -Mic Preamplifier
R700 0110 00
Radial PowerPre Microphone Preamplifier
The PowerPre™ is a high performance microphone preamplifier designed for use with any 500 series modular rack, featuring 100% discrete components for optimal signal transfer and a Hammond output transformer for a smooth and warm tone.
  • Hand selected 100% discrete electronics
  • Hammond broadcast transformer output
  • AccuState low-noise input circuit
  • 3-position Vox control for added air or punch
Quiet operation with added character
The PowerPre is designed for clean low-noise operation, with an AccuState input stage what automatically optimizes signal-to-noise at all levels with up to 55dB of gain available. A Hammond broadcast transformer on the output provides vintage warmth and a classic smooth tone, and a Vox switch allows you to add extra character to the signal: The Breath setting adds high frequency air that can accentuate a vocal track or add harmonic content to an acoustic guitar, while the Punch setting adds body when recording electric guitar or it can be used to fatten up bass tracks.
Pris exkl.5 270.00
Radial PowerTube 500
R700 0115 00
Radial PowerTube Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp
The PowerTube™ is a class-A vacuum tube microphone preamplifier that captures the essence of the original sound source while imparting the rich harmonics, warmth, and character of a transformer-coupled tube circuit.
  • High voltage 12AX7 tube drive with 60dB of gain
  • Smooth sounding Jensen transformer input
  • Hand selected 100% discrete class-A electronics
  • Tube circuitry provides vintage warmth and character
Vintage tube tone in a modern preamp
The PowerTube leverages the warmth and tone of a 12AX7 vacuum tube using an innovative non-radiating charge pump that supplies 140 volts to the tube to deliver the excitement and character of a high-voltage vintage tube amplifier. This feeds a class-A balanced output stage that together, can produce as much as 60dB of gain, making the PowerTube ideal for use with all microphones. For even more character, activating the Air switch adds a slight edge to a vocal track or sparkle on acoustic guitar, while low frequency resonance is easily tamed using the high-pass filter.
Pris exkl.7 250.00
Radial PreComp - Mic Preamp and Compressor
R700 0114 00
Radial PreComp Microphone Preamplifier and Compressor
The PreComp™ channel strip is a combination preamplifier and compressor made for the popular 500 series rack format and designed to bring greater efficiency to the recording process by simplifying gain stage management.
  • Combination preamp and compressor
  • AccuState gain control for low noise operation
  • Full-function compressor for dynamic control
  • Each processor may be accessed separately
Clean gain and dynamic control
The PreComp performs the functions of both a microphone preamp and a compressor. The preamp stage can deliver in excess of 60dB to handle all types of microphones, and comes equipped with Radial's unique AccuState gain control to maximize signal-to-noise at all levels. A full-feature VCA compressor follows with adjustable threshold, compression ratio and gain make-up controls. The advanced compression algorithm reads the program material and automatically transitions from soft-knee to hard knee as the signal rises above the threshold, with A simple slow-fast switch that makes it easy to optimize the PreComp for either vocals or percussion.
Pris exkl.3 630.00
Radial PreMax Mic Preamp and EQ
R700 0112 00
Radial PreMax Microphone Preamplifier and EQ
The PreMax™ is an all-in-one channel strip that combines a low noise microphone preamp with a powerful three-band equalizer to deliver exceptionally clean results in a single 500 series module.
  • Combination preamp and three-band equalizer
  • AccuState gain control for low noise operation
  • High-pass filter eliminates excessive resonance
  • Dedicated instrument input for direct recording
Deliver quick and dependable results
The PreMax allows you to combine clean gain with tone shaping controls in a single module to achieve high quality recordings with ease. It utilizes a high performance Op-Amp coupled with Radial's unique AccuState gain control that simultaneously sets the input sensitivity and signal gain to deliver outstanding signal-to-noise at all levels. Visual monitoring is provided with LEDs for signal and overload. The preamp then feeds a traditional 3 band EQ for tone shaping. This musical sounding EQ lets you gently boost the top end for more clarity, add warmth to the bottom end, or cut back the mids on an overly aggressive instrument
Pris exkl.3 170.00
Radial JDV-Pre Instrument Preamp
R700 0120 00
Radial JDV-Pre Instrument Preamplifier
The JDV-Pre™ is a 500 series instrument preamp designed specifically to capture the natural tone and distinct character of the instrument.
  • 100% discrete class-A instrument preamplifier
  • Feed-forward input stage with zero negative feedback
  • AccuState gain control for low noise at all levels
  • Variable low frequency cut for acoustic instruments
Capture the natural tone of your instrument
The JDV-Pre utilizes a class-A amplifier for optimal signal transfer. But unlike all other amplifier designs, the JDV-Pre's front end is completely void of the negative feedback loops normally used to stabilize the circuit. This revolutionary design eliminates the use of phase-cancellation which inevitably degrades the signal. This is augmented with Drag Control™ load correction that allows the engineer to optimize the load on the instrument pickup for the most natural rendering. A fully variable high-pass filter provides additional advantages for acoustic instruments by gently rolling off the low end to eliminate troublesome body resonance while allowing each instrument to sit more comfortably in the mix.
Pris exkl.4 530.00

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