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Med EQ- moduler kan du anpassa frekvenssvaret för alla signaler. Du kan öka eller stänga av specifika frekvenser efter dina egna behov.
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Radial PreMax Mic Preamp and EQ
R700 0112 00
Radial PreMax Microphone Preamplifier and EQ
The PreMax™ is an all-in-one channel strip that combines a low noise microphone preamp with a powerful three-band equalizer to deliver exceptionally clean results in a single 500 series module.
  • Combination preamp and three-band equalizer
  • AccuState gain control for low noise operation
  • High-pass filter eliminates excessive resonance
  • Dedicated instrument input for direct recording
Deliver quick and dependable results
The PreMax allows you to combine clean gain with tone shaping controls in a single module to achieve high quality recordings with ease. It utilizes a high performance Op-Amp coupled with Radial's unique AccuState gain control that simultaneously sets the input sensitivity and signal gain to deliver outstanding signal-to-noise at all levels. Visual monitoring is provided with LEDs for signal and overload. The preamp then feeds a traditional 3 band EQ for tone shaping. This musical sounding EQ lets you gently boost the top end for more clarity, add warmth to the bottom end, or cut back the mids on an overly aggressive instrument
Pris exkl.3 170.00
Radial Q4 - 4-band EQ
R700 0162 00
Radial Q4 State-Variable Class-A Equalizer
The Q4™ is a unique 500 series equalizer that combines the warmth and detail of a pure class-A circuit with the character of true 100% discrete state-variable filters, with no integrated circuits employed for optimal musicality and signal flow.
  • Four-band semi-parametric equalizer
  • 100% discrete class-A state-variable filters
  • Exceptionally warm & natural sound
  • Compatible with all standard 500 series racks
Powerful tone-shaping EQ controls
Designed to fit in the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series racks, the Q4 features four frequency bands with high and low shelving at 10kHz and 100Hz and two semi-parametric mid sections that let you sweep frequencies from 300Hz to 8kHz. The two mid-bands can be further optimized by selecting either a wide or narrow Q. All frequencies may be cut or boosted by up to 12dB - affording plenty of range. A handy bypass switch lets you compare the dry tone with the EQ's effect and for those equipped with a Workhorse, the Omniport is designated as an unbalanced ¼" TRS input/output connection that can be inserted into a console channel strip using a single TRS cable.

Pris exkl.6 340.00
Radial Q3 3-band Equalizer
R700 0160 00
Radial Q3 Induction Coil EQ
The Q3™ is a spectacular sounding induction coil EQ designed to accentuate the character of any voice or instrument, with unique EQ presets that can be used in thousands of different combinations.
  • Induction coil EQ with unique preset curves at each setting
  • A stunning combination of over 10,000 tonal variations
  • Color your sound with warmth and detail
  • Compatible with all standard 500 series racks
Explore endless tonal options
The Q3 features four easy to use controls: top-end boost, mid-range cut, low frequency bass boost and gain make-up to offset the signal loss that occurs when using passive equalization. Each of the three EQ bands employs a 12 position switch with a different preset curve at each position. These are carefully crafted to introduce subtle accents, huge hype and warm sounding cuts that will flatter and enthral. Each EQ setting is augmented with a miniature toggle switch that enables you to attenuate the curve for more subtle effects to deliver a total of over 10,000 combinations of tonal bliss.
Pris exkl.7 250.00

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