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48V Matning

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Radial StageBug SB-48 Phantom
R800 0148 00
  • Provide phantom power for condenser mic’s
  • 48V or 12V power for specialty microphones
  • Dual XLR inputs and outputs
  • Powered via external 15V power supply


The SB-48 is a phantom power supply that can provide stable 48V power to two condenser microphones or active DI boxes at once, with balanced outputs to feed the inputs of a console or a recording interface.

Power where you need itThe SB-48 utilizes a non-radiating charge pump circuit to create a stable, ripple-free 48 volt supply for active direct boxes and condenser microphones. It is powered by a single 15VDC 400 mA supply (included), with XLR inputs and outputs for each channel. Simply connect your microphones or direct boxes to the XLR inputs, and feed the outputs to a set of preamps or a PA system. This allows you to use your favorite powered microphone or active DI on stage, even when the venue doesn’t have a reliable phantom power source.

Pris exkl.1 540.00
Radial StageBug SB-48 UB Phantom for instruments
R800 0149 00
The Radial StageBug SB-48 UB is a unique phantom power supply that enables a guitar, bass or mandolin player to connect a condenser microphone to a wide variety of devices, including stage amplifiers and effect pedals. Power is derived from a 15V DC power supply, and an internal non-radiating charge pump elevates the voltage to 48V for standard phantom power use. It can also be easily switched to a 12V output for versatile phantom power options. The unique advantage of the SB-48 UB is the inclusion of both balanced and unbalanced outputs in its design, allowing you to connect to multiple different devices with matched impedance and levels. Both of the outputs can be used simultaneously.
Pris exkl.700.00
Grundpris exkl.1 690.00

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