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Radial JDX
R800 1400 00
JDX™ Reactor™ - Guitar Amp DI-box

• Gitarrförstärkar DI-box med reaktiv last
• Efterliknar högtalarlåda för neutral ljudkaraktär
• Direkt koppling till mixerbord eliminerar behov av mikrofon
• Idealisk för inspelning och livebruk
• 100% diskret class-A kretsdesign
Radial JDX Reactor är utvecklad för att kunna fånga den explosiva dynamiken och varma ljudkaraktären hos en elgitarr genom att kopplas mellan toppen och högtalarlådan på en gitarrförstärkare, för att ge en direkt koppling till PA- eller inspelningsutrustning.
Pris exkl.950.00
Grundpris exkl.2 310.00
Radial StageBug SB-48 UB Phantom for instruments
R800 0149 00
The Radial StageBug SB-48 UB is a unique phantom power supply that enables a guitar, bass or mandolin player to connect a condenser microphone to a wide variety of devices, including stage amplifiers and effect pedals. Power is derived from a 15V DC power supply, and an internal non-radiating charge pump elevates the voltage to 48V for standard phantom power use. It can also be easily switched to a 12V output for versatile phantom power options. The unique advantage of the SB-48 UB is the inclusion of both balanced and unbalanced outputs in its design, allowing you to connect to multiple different devices with matched impedance and levels. Both of the outputs can be used simultaneously.
Pris exkl.700.00
Grundpris exkl.1 690.00
Radial StageBug SB-7 Ear Muff
R800 0170 00
Radial StageBug SB-7 Earmuff Headphone Silencer
The Radial StageBug SB-7 Earmuff is a compact device that solves the problem by enabling the artist to turn off one of the phones, thus eliminating the bleed problem altogether.
  • Turns off one side of headphones to stop bleed
  • Artist can hear both playback and instrument
  • Level control enables artist to set ideal volume
  • Completely passive, does not require power
When overdubbing in an orchestral setting, the artist is usually listening to a pre-recorded track while playing his or her part of the score. To better hear the pitch and tonality of the instrument, the artist will often remove one side of the headphones by pulling it away from one ear. In doing so, the headphone level is increased to compensate and this in turn, causes sound from the open phone to bleed into the recording microphone, contaminating the mix. This is a common problem when recording violins, flutes and other orchestral instruments.
The design begins with a ¼” stereo TRS input on one side that accepts a standard headphone mix along with a level control. On the output side, a choice of standard ¼” headphone or 3.5mm (1/8″) ear bud outputs provide instant connectivity without the need of a special adaptor. A mono switch enables the artist to sum the left-right stereo playback track to mono so that all instruments are routed to both sides of the headphones. Then, depressing the ‘off’ switch mutes the left ear of the headphones to eliminate bleed while leaving the right side unaffected. One simply adjusts the on-board level control to suit. Because the SB-7 Earmuff is completely passive, no power is needed nor will it introduce any distortion or artefact into the signal path. Plug it in and it is basically ready to go.
Compact, easy to use and affordable, the Radial StageBug SB-7 Earmuff provides a simple, yet elegant solution to a long standing problem.


Pris exkl.375.00
Grundpris exkl.930.00
Radial JR2-DT Remote Control, for desktop use etc.
R800 2091 00
The JR2-DT is a desk-top version of the JR2. It features two top-mounted activator switches to control AB and Mute functions. These functions may change depending on the Radial product being connected. The JR2-DT connects to the device using a choice of XLR or ¼” TRS connection and standard balanced cable. The JR2-DT also derives its power from the Radial device, eliminating the need for local power. It comes with both an isolation Pad for ‘free placement’ and a Velcro strip to attach to a desk top, work surface or flight case. An optional L bracket enables the JR2-DT to be permanently mounted to a podium, work surface or affixed to a standard 19″ rack rail.
Pris exkl.440.00
Grundpris exkl.1 330.00
Radial Phazer Bank
R800 1460 00
Radial Phazerbank
  • 100% discrete analogue phase adjustment tool
  • Same as Phazer in 4 channel 19" rackmount
  • Ideal for phase correcting kick, bass and guitars
  • Rackmount version optimized for live touring
The Radial Phazerbank is a 4-channel analogue phase adjustment tool that enables the engineer to effortlessly adjust the phase between two microphones when double mic'ing a single source. Once applied, the result is fatter sounding guitars, a more solid bass, tighter kick and more realistic sounding piano.
The Phazerbank follows the exact design, layout and technical specifications of the popular Phazer, yet it is delivered in a handy 4-channel rack version for live touring. This makes it easy to incorporate into the effects rack and connect via the mixing console channel insert points. Using the Phazerbank is easy: simply turn on the effect, close your eyes and listen.
The Radial Phazerbank... a powerful audio tool made easy.
Pris exkl.3 125.00
Grundpris exkl.12 110.00
R800 1225 00
Pris exkl.1 200.00
Grundpris exkl.6 280.00
Radial Decoder
R800 1415 00
  • Quick and easy mid/side recording without a mixer
  • Three ultra-quiet built-in mic preamp
  • Pre-mixed stereo outputs
  • Line level operation for use with pre-recorded tracks
The Radial Decoder is a microphone preamp and mid/side stereo matrix that allows the user to easily create M/S recordings without having to re-configure a recording console. Featuring built-in mic pre’s with phantom power and independent level control, the Decoder automatically combines the signals to a stereo output using the sum-difference method for spectacular stereo imaging that translates well to mono for broadcast.
The Decoder begins with three ultra-quiet microphone preamps. The mic/line input-1 is assigned to the MID or direct microphone, while mic/line input-2a is assigned to the SIDE microphone. A link button automatically duplicates and pans the signal and flips the phase for a traditional M/S stereo image when used with figure-8 microphones. Mic/line input-2b allows the Decoder to be used with a pair of cardioid microphones rather than a figure-8. This opens up the door for a variety of microphones and different spacing techniques to be employed for ultimate convenience and creativity. The Decoder can also be switched to +4dBu line level for Reamping™ pre-recorded material during mix-down. Simply record a SIDE microphone while tracking and bounce to a stereo M/S image later.
As the Decoder is intended for use in the studio or in the field, the chassis is built out of heavy duty 14-gauge steel. The internal I-beam frame and book-end construction prevents premature damage to internal circuitry and protects knobs and switches from impact. A full bottom no-slip pad provides electrical insulation and mechanical isolation to reduce mishap. The chassis can also be rack- mounted on its own or with other Radial products using an optional rack kit.
The Decoder… mid/side recording has never been so easy!
Pris exkl.2 090.00
Grundpris exkl.4 460.00
Radial J-Rak
R800 1015
The Radial J-Rak is a 2RU rack shelf that allows up to 8 Radial direct boxes, splitters and other Radial devices that use our standard 'JDI' form factor to be rack mounted. These can face forward or backward for most conveient placement and ease of use, depending on the system designer's preference.
The J-Rak works with the following Radial devices:
JDI, J48, JPC, J33, JDX, ProD2, ProAV1, ProAV2, X-Amp, JS2, JS3, Twin-Iso, J-ISO, ProISO, J+4, H-Amp.
Stemming from the adage 'necessity is the Mother of invention', the J-Rak was invented, to provide sound companies with a simple yet very functional solution for DI inventory management. The problem is simple: During peak season, most sound companies must resort to cross-renting just to fill rider requests. Inevitably, they go to a warehouse looking for a stand-alone DI and find that all that is left on the shelf are a few old 4-channel rack units. Or conversely, they have a show going on the road that needs 12 rack-mounted DIs but the investment seems impractical.
All you do is take the book-end cover off the JDI, J48 or other compatable Radial devices and attach one of the 8 insert sleeves supplied with the J-Rak. These are then screwed into the J-Rak shelf from the top. The direct boxes can have the XLR facing either the front or the rear of the rack depending on the application; whether one is racking up DIs for keyboards, sound modules, computers or other sound sources.
Pris exkl.250.00
Grundpris exkl.1 950.00
Tonebone BigShot MIX
R800 7203 00
BigShot™ MIX - true-bypass Effects mixer

• Låter dig mixa in vilken effekt som helst i din signalväg
• Class-A-krets bibehåller instrumentets naturliga ton
• Buffrad loop för att reducera oönskade pedalljud
• Kompakt och stryktålig för pedalbrädor
• tydlig LED statusindikator
Äntligen. En produkt som gör det möjligt att mixa direktljudet från ett instrument med effekter på samma sätt som ett professionellt mixerbord gör det möjligt att addera reverb på en torr röst.
BigShot MIX är designad för den kräsne gitarristen eller basisten som vill ha med coola effektpedaler i signalkedjan, utan det brus och missljud orsakade av deras långt från ideala kretsar och billiga buffrar.
MIX har 100% diskreta, rena class-A-kretsar för att säkerställa att det naturliga ljudet från instrumentet bibehålls. Kontaktpanelen är utrustad med en enkel effektloop med ¼” tele send- och returkontakter.
En infälld MIX-kontroll ger dig möjlighet att justera den exakta balansen mellan din torra signal och effekten.
Det bästa av allt är att den natuliga tonen från instrumentet bibehålls.
Pris exkl.440.00
Grundpris exkl.2 020.00
Tonebone BigShot PB1
R800 7220 00
BigShot™ PB1 class-A power booster

• Helt variabel class-A power booster för solo
• Buffer driver flera pedaler och långa kabellängder
• Drag™ control, korrigerar lasten för naturlig ton
• Ultralinjär återgivning för naturlig boost
• Kompakt och enkel att använda - utmärkt för pedalbrädor
BigShot PB1 är en kombinerad "power booster" och buffer, designad för att ge exceptionell ljudkvalitet i liten och enkel förpackning, suverän för användning med pedalbrädor.
Den ger en 15 dB boost, enkelt inställningsbar med ett plektrum via infällt och skyddat reglage på baksidan.
Till skillnad från de class-B preamps som återfinnes i de flesta pedalerna som färgar ljudet och ger buffrar ett dåligt rykte, är BigShot PB1 försedd med 100% diskreta class-A kretsar för bästa ljudkvalitet.
Den är också försedd med Drag™ control, en variabelt justerbar lastkrets som gör att du kan ställa in den perfekta impedansen för att matcha originalljudet och känslan hos din gitarr- och förstärkarkombination.
Med PB1 reduceras brus och det blir möjligt att använda långa kabellängder. När du slår på boosten, så får du en snygg kontroll som du inte trodde var möjlig.
BigShot PB1 är troligen den bästa "guitar power booster" som någonsin byggts.
Pris exkl.440.00
Grundpris exkl.1 970.00
Tonebone BigShot SW2
R800 7206 00
BigShot™ SW2 - Slingshot™ remote control

• Universal fotswitch för två förstärkare eller annan utrustning
• Link-funktion för att kunna koppla om båda förstärkarna samtidigt
• Utgång med låsning eller puls för att passa alla förstärkare
• Kan styra annan Slingshot™-försedd utrustning
• Ultrakompakt - bra för pedalbrädor

BigShot SW2 är en tvåkanals universalremote som kan ersätta två fotswitchar till förstärkare och kombinera deras huvudfunktioner med en enda pedal.
Det är speciellt bra för användning på pedalbrädor där det oftast är ont om utrymme.
Både utgångar med låsning och med puls stöds vilket gör det möjligt att styra såväl gamla förstärkare med kontaktslutning för omkoppling av kanaler eller nyare med elektronisk puls.
Dessa funktioner utökas med "LINK"-funktionen som gör det möjligt att köra båda fjärrkommandona på båda fotswitcharna.
Detta skulle t.ex kunna koppla om båda förstärkarkanalerna i en stereorigg från ren rhythm till distad lead med ett enda fotstamp. Ingen steppdans!
För användare av Tonebone-pedaler, tillhandahåller SW2 en kompakt Slingshot™ fjärrkontroll som kan användas till att fjärromkoppla förstärkartoppar (Headbone) eller högtalarlådor (Cabbone). I kombination med gitarrförstärkare blir omkopplingsmöjligheterna enorma!
SW2 – världens första universal fjärromkopplare!
Pris exkl.450.00
Grundpris exkl.2 090.00
Tonebone Bones Vienna Chorus
R800 7120 00
Bones™ Vienna Chorus dual mode chorus
  • Old school analog bucket brigade chip
  • Dual channel for quick choral change
  • Individual Rate and Depth for each chorus channel
  • Turbo mode for extra wild effects
  • Standard 9 volt power supply operation
The Bones Vienna Chorus is a two channel chorus pedal that mimics the effect of a Leslie rotating speaker by allowing the guitarist to instantly transition between a moderate choral to an intense vibrato with the stomp of a footswitch.  This can be particularly useful when switching the chorus between a verse and a bridge to create lush and exciting effects.
Unlike today’s common digital chorus pedals, the Vienna is ‘old school’. The distinctive warm tone is captured by way of a new old stock (NOS) Panasonic MN3007 - circa 1980 bucket brigade chip from the early days of analog delay & chorus pedal development. What makes the Vienna particularly impressive is that unlike older analog chorus pedals that were plagued with noise and hiss, the Vienna is quiet. In fact so quiet it rivals today’s digital alternatives. This means that tone aficionados can finally rejoice with the character and feel of a vintage chorus pedal without the noise.  Both chorus channels are equipped with individual rate and depth controls for full 2-channel performance.  The effect is augmented with ‘turbo mode’ which introduces a proprietary oscillator waveform frequency while increasing the range. This let’s you transition from a slight choral to extreme warble, tremolo or vibrato - opening the door to explore new sonic landscapes.
Optimized for pedalboards, the Vienna is super compact and employs 9V powering to suit the various DC power bricks that are now common with multi-pedal systems.  (Power supply is not included). To keep mayhem under control, full size LEDs provide high-visibility status indicators for dark stages. And like all Radial products, the Vienna is built ‘tough’ with 14 gauge steel and baked enamel finish to handle the rigors of professional touring.
The Vienna Chorus… warm sounding old-school analog chorus in a compact, two channel pedal.
Pris exkl.250.00
Grundpris exkl.2 110.00
Tonebone Hot British
R800 7020 00
Hot British – rörbestyckad distpedal

• En kraftfull dubbelstackad 'plexy-in-a-box'!
• Äkta 12AX7 rörtransistor för naturlig distorsion
• Kraftfull EQ för extrem bredd i ljudkaraktär
• Bibehåller tonal klarhet även vid höga nivåer
• Kompakt med låg profil för att passa din pedalbräda
Tonebone Hot British är rördistorsion när den är som bäst!
Skapad efter en modifierad Marshall dubbelstackad plexi, ger Hot British fem decennier av brutal kraft för allt från fet "scooped-out" rhythm till rykande heta lead-sound.
Pris exkl.500.00
Grundpris exkl.3 060.00
Tonebone Hot British V9
R800 7022 00
Tonebone Hot British V9 Overdrive
Next Generation Plexi-Style Distortion Pedal
The Hot-British V9 is the next generation, solid-state version of the original high-gain Tonebone Hot British tube distortion.
  • High-gain, low noise Plexi-style distortion
  • Powerful post-distortion EQ controls
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
  • Compact and rugged
Beginning with a class-A buffering circuit, The Hot-British V9 gives you the feel of a true-bypass pedal with the added benefits of greater noise rejection and lower impedance. Its 3 gain stages and powerful post-distortion EQ controls deliver a flexible high gain experience that is reminiscent of big hair and pointy guitars. In other words, the Hot-British V9 is a Plexi-in-a-box packed full of harmonics, sustain and balls to the wall distortion. Grab your whammy bar!
Pris exkl.850.00
Grundpris exkl.2 410.00
Tonebone Classic V9
R800 7011 00
Tonebone Classic-V9 Distortion pedal
Next Generation American-style Distortion Pedal
The Classic-V9 is the next generation, solid-state version of the venerable Tonebone Classic tube distortion.
  • Versatile distortion circuit accommodates all play styles
  • Ultra-sensitive post-distortion EQ controls
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
  • Class-A buffer to reject noise & drive multiple pedals
Ultra-responsive distortion
Beginning with Radial’s class-A buffering circuit, The Classic-V9 gives you the feel of a true-bypass pedal with the added benefits of greater noise rejection and lower impedance. Designed to be flexible, its two gain stages and powerful post-distortion EQ controls provide a wide array of tonal options that span all eras. Blues, country or rock, the Classic-V9 cleans up like a tube amp and captures the feel and dynamics of your playing to take your tone to the next level.
Pris exkl.850.00
Grundpris exkl.2 410.00
Tonebone Texas Pro
R800 7027 00
Tonebone Texas-Pro Overdrive and Boost Pedal
Versatile Overdrive and Class-A Boost Pedal
The Texas-Pro is a true-bypass, dual-function pedal that features a versatile overdrive circuit capable of vintage, modern, and high-gain overdrive tones, along with a class-A power booster with a built-in effects loop.
  • Versatile Overdrive with multiple tonal possibilities
  • Class-A power booster provides up to +22dB of clean gain
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
Texas sized tone
The Texas-Pro is a compact yet extremely powerful dual-function pedal that provides a versatile overdrive circuit as well as a high-output signal booster. These two features can be used independently or in combination for a wide array of tonal options ranging from slight breakup to full on saturation. Its class-A boost circuit provides up to +22dB of clean gain and simultaneously activates its built-in effects loop to bring in effects for soloing. Lastly, the Texas-Pro’s overdrive circuit is equipped with a three-position range switch which tailors its response to produce vintage, modern, and high-gain overdrive tones. From blues to hard rock, the Texas-Pro covers it all.
Pris exkl.850.00
Grundpris exkl.2 410.00
Tonebone Regency
R800 7013 00
Tonebone Regency Overdrive and Boost pedal
Subtle Overdrive and Class-A Boost
The Regency is a true-bypass, dual-function pedal that features a subtle overdrive circuit and a class-A power booster with a built-in effects loop.
  • Rich overdrive that accentuates low-mid frequencies
  • Class-A power booster provides up to +23dB of clean gain
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
The king of tone stacking
The Regency is a compact yet powerful dual-function pedal that delivers the ideal combination of boost, drive and grit for any guitar and amplifier combination. Its two channels can be used on their own or in combination to add punch, harmonics and sustain without sacrificing articulation. Its class-A boost circuit provides up to +23dB of clean gain and simultaneously activates its built-in effects loop to bring in effects for soloing. Its overdrive circuit is thick and rich with just the right amount of gain to transform any amp into a soul-crushing tone machine fit for a king.
Pris exkl.850.00
Grundpris exkl.2 410.00
Tonebone North Star
R800 7017 00
Tonebone North-Star Overdrive and Power Booster
Transparent Overdrive and Class-A Boost
The North-Star is a true-bypass, dual-function pedal that features a transparent overdrive circuit and a class-A power booster with a built-in effects loop.
  • Transparent overdrive provides maximum note articulation
  • Class-A power booster provides up to +24dB of clean gain
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
Let every note shine
The North-Star is a compact yet powerful dual-function pedal that features an independent overdrive circuit and an independent boost circuit. These two features can be used on their own or in combination for a wide range of tonal options ranging from subtle chunk to singing distortion. Regardless where you set the drive, the North-Star’s transparent overdrive circuit is designed to maintain ultimate clarity for maximum note articulation. Its class-A boost circuit provides up to +24dB of clean gain and simultaneously activates its built-in effects loop to bring in effects for soloing.
Pris exkl.820.00
Grundpris exkl.2 330.00
Tonebone Loopbone
R800 7078 00
Loopbone – masterkontroll för effektpedal-kedjor

• Masterkontroll för pedalbrädor
• Två separata effektloopar plus Slingshot fjärrkontroll
• "Drag Control" korrigerar lasten på instrumentets utgång
• VariBoost™ inbyggd variabel gain förstärkarkrets
• Class-A-krets för bästa ljudkvalitet
Ta kontroll över dina pedalbrädor! Loopbone är en kompakt omkopplare med enkelt handhavande som gör det möjligt för gitarrister att enkelt koppla in, ta bort och kombinera två effektpedal-kedjor med fotswitch.

Det är speciellt fördelaktigt när man använder äldre pedaler som kan addera brus och lastproblem när de sitter i signalkedjan.
Dessutom har Loopbone Radials VariBoost™, en inbyggd variabel förstärkarkrets för ren, snygg volymökning eller volymökning "post-effects" vid solo.
Pris exkl.500.00
Grundpris exkl.3 830.00
Tonebone Bumper
R800 7094 00
Bumper Instrument Selector
  • Connect up to four instruments to your stage amp
  • Sequential footswitch selector with LEDs
  • Choice of Drag control or Input Trim on each channel
  • Radial’s Class-A buffer maintains audio fidelity
The Bumper routes four instrument inputs to a single 1/4″ output to feed a stage amp or pedalboard, with a footswitch selector that rotates through each of the inputs.
Pris exkl.850.00
Grundpris exkl.2 410.00
Tonebone Plexitube
R800 7025 00
Tonebone Plexitube 12AX7 Tube Distortion
Two-channel High-gain Plexi Distortion Pedal
The Plexitube™ is a true-bypass, dual-channel tube distortion pedal that utilizes the warmth and harmonics from a 12AX7 tube to deliver over-the-top distortion tones.
  • The best 'Marshall in a pedal' of all time
  • High-gain, low noise Plexi-style tube distortion
  • Powerful post-distortion EQ controls
  • Channel 2 features insert loop for effects pedals
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone
Two channels of colossal high-gain
The Plexitube is an extremely powerful dual-channel tube distortion pedal that offers a rich, harmonic high-gain experience like no other. Designed for practicality, the Plexitube’s dual channels make it a one-stop-shop for clean, rhythm and lead switching. Channel 1 is optimized for massive rhythm tones, whereas channel 2 has been optimized to produce razor-sharp cut and smooth sustaining mids to ensure that your solos are heard. Channel 2 is further augmented with an effects loop to eliminate tap dancing. The metal gods are calling!

Pris exkl.1 500.00
Grundpris exkl.4 370.00
Tonebone Cabbone
R800 7086 00
Cabbone – switch för flera högtalarlådor med en förstärkartopp

• Switch för högtalarlådor till alla typer av förstärkartoppar
• Växla med fotswitch mellan två högtalarlådor
• Digitalstyrda reläer mjuk omkoppling
• Slingshot™ fjärrrstyrning
• SafeMode™ automatiskt säkerhetsläge
Cabbone kopplar om mellan två högtalarlådor med samma förstärkartopp, och gör det möjligt för en gitarrist att växla mellan t.ex en Fender 2x12" till en Marshall 4x12" med ett enkelt tryck med foten.
Cabbone är försedd med guldpläterade reläer för att koppla om förstärkarens högtalarutgång till respektive högtalarlåda, utan att färga eller försämra soundet.

Omkoppling styrs digitalt och ser till att det är konstant last på utgången, vilket är speciellt viktigt med rörförstärkare.
Med SafeMode™ kopplas signalen automatiskt till output-1 om man skulle tappa spänningsmatningen.
För att reducera "kabelspagetti" på scenen, har Cabbone försetts med Slingshot™, Radials fjärrstyrningslösning för omkoppling.
Slingshot gör det möjligt att med vilken standard fotswitch som helst styra omkoppling, från pedalbrädan eller från var du vill, och minimera kabellängerna från förstärkaren till högtalarlådorna.
Slingshot kan också koppla om förstärkarkanaler, effekter eller annan Slingshot-försedd utrustning, för att snabbt kunna få rätt ljudkombinationer med ett enda klick, istället för ett steppdansnummer.
Pris exkl.1 200.00
Grundpris exkl.3 830.00
Tonebone Elevator
R800 7225 00

The Elevator is a unique multi-level power booster and buffer that provides the guitarist with a degree of customization to better match the playing style with the guitar, amplifier and pedal chain.

The design begins with a 100% discrete class-A signal path that is completely void of integrated circuits (ICs). Each gain stage is carefully crafted for optimal gain without introducing extraordinary levels of phase-cancelling negative feedback to control the ICs.

This circuit topology eliminates problems, such as zero-cross distortion, which tends to cause other boosters to sound harsh.

On the ground floor (Level 1), a selector switch allows you to set the Elevator to true-bypass for those that prefer a direct feed to the amp when the power booster is out of the circuit. Level-2 lets you activate a unity gain buffer that will drive your guitar signal to 15 meters (50') without noise.

This eliminates problems such as tone loss due to cables and popping when switching with high gain amps. This setting also activates the level-3 Drag, Control load correction circuit that replicates the 'tone and feel' of being connected directly to your amp.

Level-4 pushes things up a notch with a 'baseline' power booster that drives the front end of the amp for more crunch and bite.

This recessed 'set & forget' control is particularly useful with vintage amps that produce less gain than today's more modern designs. Level-5 is a super clean power booster that is activated using the footswitch. This variable booster delivers up to 18dB of pure gain for soloing.

Level-6 is a three-position mid boost switch that lets you increase the mid range content for added sustain.

The compact enclosure fits nicely on any pedalboard and is powered using a standard Boss-style 9V DC power supply.

 A sturdy footswitch controls the internal gold-sealed military grade relay for maximum durability while the solid 14 gauge steel outer casing protects the sensitive internal electronics, eliminating opportunity to torque the PCB and cause premature failure.

These features combine to make the Elevator one of the most powerful sounding power boosters ever.

Pris exkl.600.00
Grundpris exkl.2 410.00

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