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Tonebone North Star
R800 7017 00
Tonebone North-Star Overdrive and Power Booster
Transparent Overdrive and Class-A Boost
The North-Star is a true-bypass, dual-function pedal that features a transparent overdrive circuit and a class-A power booster with a built-in effects loop.
  • Transparent overdrive provides maximum note articulation
  • Class-A power booster provides up to +24dB of clean gain
  • True-bypass switching to retain your tone
  • Standard 9V power supply operation
Let every note shine
The North-Star is a compact yet powerful dual-function pedal that features an independent overdrive circuit and an independent boost circuit. These two features can be used on their own or in combination for a wide range of tonal options ranging from subtle chunk to singing distortion. Regardless where you set the drive, the North-Star’s transparent overdrive circuit is designed to maintain ultimate clarity for maximum note articulation. Its class-A boost circuit provides up to +24dB of clean gain and simultaneously activates its built-in effects loop to bring in effects for soloing.
Tonebone BigShot MIX
R800 7203 00
BigShot™ MIX - true-bypass Effects mixer

• Låter dig mixa in vilken effekt som helst i din signalväg
• Class-A-krets bibehåller instrumentets naturliga ton
• Buffrad loop för att reducera oönskade pedalljud
• Kompakt och stryktålig för pedalbrädor
• tydlig LED statusindikator
Äntligen. En produkt som gör det möjligt att mixa direktljudet från ett instrument med effekter på samma sätt som ett professionellt mixerbord gör det möjligt att addera reverb på en torr röst.
BigShot MIX är designad för den kräsne gitarristen eller basisten som vill ha med coola effektpedaler i signalkedjan, utan det brus och missljud orsakade av deras långt från ideala kretsar och billiga buffrar.
MIX har 100% diskreta, rena class-A-kretsar för att säkerställa att det naturliga ljudet från instrumentet bibehålls. Kontaktpanelen är utrustad med en enkel effektloop med ¼” tele send- och returkontakter.
En infälld MIX-kontroll ger dig möjlighet att justera den exakta balansen mellan din torra signal och effekten.
Det bästa av allt är att den natuliga tonen från instrumentet bibehålls.
Tonebone Elevator
R800 7225 00

The Elevator is a unique multi-level power booster and buffer that provides the guitarist with a degree of customization to better match the playing style with the guitar, amplifier and pedal chain.

The design begins with a 100% discrete class-A signal path that is completely void of integrated circuits (ICs). Each gain stage is carefully crafted for optimal gain without introducing extraordinary levels of phase-cancelling negative feedback to control the ICs.

This circuit topology eliminates problems, such as zero-cross distortion, which tends to cause other boosters to sound harsh.

On the ground floor (Level 1), a selector switch allows you to set the Elevator to true-bypass for those that prefer a direct feed to the amp when the power booster is out of the circuit. Level-2 lets you activate a unity gain buffer that will drive your guitar signal to 15 meters (50') without noise.

This eliminates problems such as tone loss due to cables and popping when switching with high gain amps. This setting also activates the level-3 Drag, Control load correction circuit that replicates the 'tone and feel' of being connected directly to your amp.

Level-4 pushes things up a notch with a 'baseline' power booster that drives the front end of the amp for more crunch and bite.

This recessed 'set & forget' control is particularly useful with vintage amps that produce less gain than today's more modern designs. Level-5 is a super clean power booster that is activated using the footswitch. This variable booster delivers up to 18dB of pure gain for soloing.

Level-6 is a three-position mid boost switch that lets you increase the mid range content for added sustain.

The compact enclosure fits nicely on any pedalboard and is powered using a standard Boss-style 9V DC power supply.

 A sturdy footswitch controls the internal gold-sealed military grade relay for maximum durability while the solid 14 gauge steel outer casing protects the sensitive internal electronics, eliminating opportunity to torque the PCB and cause premature failure.

These features combine to make the Elevator one of the most powerful sounding power boosters ever.