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AVB-D16 Dante Bridge 16 channels
AVB-D16 Dante Bridge
Your network translator
The PreSonus AVB-D16 is the first plug-and-play endpoint that bridges AVB and Dante™ networks. Now you can send and receive up to 16 audio channels between an AVB and Dante network with one simple device, making it the perfect solution to connect your StudioLive Series III AVB ecosystem to your favorite Dante-equipped products like the PreSonus CDL-12 constant directivity loudspeaker. Built-in Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion ensures that the AVB-D16 provides precision clock isolation between your AVB and Dante networks for pristine, clear audio with no dropouts or artifacts.
StudioLive Series III… now with Dante
Onboard AVB-networking and the AVB-D16 make it possible to add Dante functionality to your StudioLive Series III mixer without the unnecessary hassle of an internal option card. Simply connect one or more AVB-D16 AVB-to-Dante bridges to your existing StudioLive Series III AVB network to add 16 channels of Dante I/O with each bridge. AVB-D16 makes the vision of plug-and-play functionality between audio networks a reality!
One endpoint, two networks
Whether you’re looking at your Dante network setup from Audinate’s Dante Control software or managing your StudioLive Series III AVB ecosystem from UC Surface or a StudioLive Series III console touchscreen, the AVB-D16 presents itself as a simple 16x16 network device. This lets you easily patch up to 16 audio sources on your StudioLive Series III mixers or NSB-series stage boxes to any available input on your Dante network and receive 16 channels of audio from your Dante network to route to your StudioLive Series III mixers, EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers, or the outputs on your NSB-series stage boxes, creating a truly cohesive networking experience between the two protocols.
One endpoint, two sample rates
With built-in Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion, the AVB-D16 provides precision clock isolation between the AVB and Dante networks. This ensures pristine, clear audio with no dropouts or artifacts. It also allows you to run different sample rates on the AVB and Dante networks. So even if you're operating a Dante network at 96kHz, you can still connect streams between your StudioLive Series III AVB network operating at 48kHz with total confidence that the audio will be clean and error free.
Pris exkl.5 360.00
Presonus SL-Dante-MIX

The SL-Dante-MIX option card enables any StudioLive AI-series or StudioLive RM-series mixer to join a standard Dante™ network. The card houses two Ethernet connections for redundant Dante audio networking, recording and remote control via UC Surface, one S/PDIF output, and two FireWire 800 connections for continuously bidirectional recording and playback. Create a complete, networked audio system using a standard gigabit Ethernet switch and Audinate’s Dante digital-media networking technology, which offers no-hassle, true plug-and-play digital audio networking.


• 2 Dante™ ports add redundant Dante digital networking and recording to any StudioLive™ AI-series or RM-series Active Integration™ digital mixer

• FireWire S800 connectivity for recording and playback

• Up to 34 input channels (depending on mixer model)

• Up to 60 output channels (depending on mixer model)

• Direct patch to every input channel’s Digital Return buttons and to stereo digital 2Track In from the Dante network or over FireWire

• Direct channel outputs and Aux In A and B: pre/post Fat Channel, pre-fader (user selectable per channel via Dig Out button)

• Subgroups, Main Bus, and Aux/Mix Buses: post-Fat Channel/fader

• FX A-D Send mixes

• Easy to configure

• Reliable performance

• Works with a standard Ethernet network, using a gigabit Ethernet switch and CAT5 cables

• Native gigabit support

• Sample-accurate synchronization

• Operates on standard IT networks

Pris exkl.5 250.00
Presonus SL-Adapter

Use this adapter to double your mixing and recording power by linking together two StudioLive 16.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI or 32.4.2AI mixers.

Pris exkl.1 090.00
Presonus SL-AR12-Rack Ear

Rackmount your StudioLive AR12 mixer.


Solid rack-mounting system for one (1) StudioLive AR12

8U Rack Ears

Total Mixer Length - 15.589" (approx 8.9U)

Pris exkl.180.00
Presonus SL-AR12/16-Bag
Pris exkl.630.00
Presonus SL-AR8-Bag
Pris exkl.445.00
Presonus SL-AR8-Rack Ear

Rackmount your StudioLive AR8 mixer.


Solid rack-mounting system for one (1) StudioLive AR8

7U Rack Ears

Total Mixer Length - 12.047" (approx 6.9U)

Pris exkl.180.00
Presonus SL1602-Backpack
Pris exkl.680.00
Presonus SL1602-Cover
Pris exkl.260.00
Presonus SL1602-Rack Ear (Kit)
Pris exkl.495.00
Presonus SL1642-2xCover
Pris exkl.495.00
Presonus SL1642-Bag
Pris exkl.680.00
Presonus SL2442-1xCover
Pris exkl.520.00
Presonus SLAMAD16-Cover
Pris exkl.370.00
Presonus SLAMAD24-Cover
Pris exkl.480.00
Presonus SLAMAD32-Cover
Pris exkl.570.00
Presonus IPS-1
Pris exkl.680.00

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