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Pris exkl.27 730.00
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Direct Out ANDIAMO.MC SC/SC +24 dBu

D.O.TEC® ANDIAMO.MC is a 32 channel microphone amplifier with MADI interface and 32 line outputs. Sophisticated design and a high level of integration form a compact sized housing with only 2 HUs.

The device can be operated locally or via remote control. Supported remote methods are USB, ˜MIDI over MADI™ and ˜Serial over MADI™.

The input sensitivity ranges from mic level (- 55 dBu) to line level (+ 30 dBu) - phantom power and a 30 dB PAD are switchable.

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D.O.TEC® EXBOX.64 is an active signal converter and reclocker for MADI signals. With two MADI I/Os (1 x optical and 1 x coaxial) MADI signals can be converted from optical to coaxial and vice versa. The input signals - which are not required to be in sync to each other - are cross patched to the corresponding output. The output signal is reclocked at the output.


The frame structure of the input signal is kept unchanged. So even proprietary adaptions of MADI (AES10) will pass the unit unmodified.

Safe operation

Two external power supply units with solid Hirose connectors provide safe operating conditions with redundancy.

Range extension

The output signal of the coaxial port is refreshed electrically. With a short connected optical I/O the range of BNC cabling may be extended.


No signal will be output unless a valid input signal has been detected at the corresponding input port.

Pris exkl.9 350.00

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