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High-end audio amplifying

A pencil microphone gets its name based on its shape, which is long, thin and cylindrical – similar to a pencil. These mics are small-diaphragm condensers mics and they are also known as recording microphones though they can be used for much more than just recording.
DPA Microphones’ Recording Microphone Series contains a wide range of versatile pencil microphones that can be used for all of your high-end audio amplifying and recording needs. Known worldwide as an industry standard in the recording branch, these mics offer amazing sound in virtually any situation. You can rely on them to give you the sound you need in the studio, concert halls, on the stage, close miked on a wide variety of musical instruments, or even in news, broadcast and sports situations, where top-quality sound is required.
The DPA take on these pencil microphones is that you can mix and match the capsules and amplifiers in almost every configuration due to the modularity of this series. This allows you to change the form factor of the mic from a traditional long cylinder to a very compact designed type using the MMP-ER/ES Modular Active Cable, XLR and MMP-GR/GS Modular Active Cable, MicroDot. The latter even allows you to connect your high performance capsule to a wireless transmitter via the extensive DPA range of adapters suiting the transmitter of your choice.