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DPA4060 Tryckzonsfäste, gummi, svart
The BLM6000 is a unique accessory tool that enhances the versatility of your DPA miniature microphone.
It is a soft piece of durable rubber with a diameter of 75 mm. It has an underside cavity for mounting a DPA 4060, 4061, 4062 or 4063 microphone.
When placing a microphone on a reflective boundary, you will benefit from the special characteristics of the sound field found here - a 6 dB gain of direct sound and just 3 dB gain of the diffuse sound.
This means that the sound captured from this so-called "pressure zone" has higher sensitivity, clarity, and intelligibility compared to the sound captured from the "free air" and serves neatly as a kind of acoustical zoom.
The BLM6000 can be mounted on all surfaces that reflect sound such as floors, walls or ceilings.
Placing a DPA miniature microphone in this little device on the inside lid of an open grand piano also provides a very distinct and crispy sound.
Pris exkl.200.00

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